How to survive a colicky baby

Some tips that every new mom would have liked to receive.

Besides the frustration and the exhaustion, some parents may experience feelings of guilt or of not being good parents when they find that they are not able to calm their baby.

While we know that saying “keep calm” is easier than doing it, these guidelines can help ease tension until the colic subsides. Just remember, never give your baby any medicine, even herbal, without first consulting your pediatrician.

7 practical tips to survive a colicky baby:

  • Avoid overstimulation.

Observe your baby, and see how he responds to certain stimuli. Try to keep him away from anything that might irritate him.

It is best to have your baby in a calm environment, with little light and with minimal noise. This may help you relax. Some babies don't like to be rocked, driven, or even sung to.

  • Gastrointestinal disorders.

Some babies with colic find relief when pressure is exerted on the abdomen, although only the simple contact between mother and child can already calm the baby alone.

  • Try to position the baby face down on your lap or put it in upright position with their tummy against your shoulder.
  • A position that is highly recommended when the baby suffers from colic is to place the baby on his stomach, with his belly leaning against your forearm. You can gently rub or caress her back.

  • Relieve gas.

Reducing gas can improve baby's discomfort, which is what makes him cry.

Ask your pediatrician on the possibility of using some remedy for gases. The active ingredient in this type of drug is simethicone, which, although it seems that it could help relieve gas, has not been shown to be a definitive treatment for colic.

  • Use probiotics.

Probiotics seem to help reduce colic in some cases, probably because they alleviate stomach problems. However, there are no reliable studies that have shown its effectiveness in reducing colic symptoms.

Remember, just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe, so ask your doctor before using it.

  • Watch what you eat.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, try eliminate some foods from your diet such as some cruciferous vegetables that cause gas such as cabbage or cauliflower or allergenic foods such as dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, walnuts or fish. This type of food could be causing some stomach problems in your baby and be the cause of his crying.

  • Hypoallergenic formula milk.

For some formula-fed babies, alternating standard formula with one that does not contain cow's milk can help reduce colic symptoms.

  • Some sounds.

Did you know that for some babies the hum of the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer can be comforting? Why not give it a try?

Playing relaxing music can also help. Lullabies, sounds of nature, ... Experiment to find something your baby likes and relaxes him.

  • Wrap it with a blanket.

Put a blanket in the dryer, and while it's still warm, wrap your baby. The combination of warmth and the feeling of security can help calm your baby.

  • Keep it moving.

Some colicky babies respond well to movement. Try carrying it in a baby carrier, taking it out for a walk with your stroller, or taking it and rocking it with a rocking motion.

If you are alone at home, and you already feel that you cannot take it anymore. An advice. Leave your baby in his crib, and stay away for a few minutes. Your baby does not cry to bother you, he cries because he feels bad and it is the only way he has to communicate. And while it is good for your baby to notice that he is not alone, giving you a few minutes of calm will be very beneficial for both of you.

And finally, keep in mind that as your baby's digestive system matures, this will pass.

Has your baby suffered or suffers from colic? Do you have a trick you want to share?

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